about us
Cherdak. Bar in the attic. Minsk. 2013.
Creme de la Creme boutique. Klaipeda. 2012.
D&YOU fashion store. Moscow. 2012.
NEW! advertising agency. Vilnius. 2012.
Membershop office. Vilnius. 2012.
Apartment flat in Vilnius New Town. 2012.
Apartment flat in Vilnius Old Town. 2011.
Love advertising agency. 2011.
Summer house near Anyksciai. 2011.
Tegra House - office in the wild. 2012.
Programmer's flat in Vilnius. 2010.
Loft apartment in former radio technics factory in Vilnius. 2010.
Palanga pavilion competition. 2009.
House in Vilnius. 2009.
Cop Copine boutique in Vilniaus Akropolis shopping mall. 2009.
Lawyers bureau in Vilniaus Vartai complex. 2008.
House in Vilnius. 2008.
TBWA Vilnius advertising agency. 2008.
Apartment flat in Vilnius. 2008.
LEBOLE shop in Vilnius. 2007

Every room in this XIV century building is designed in the mood of a particular city. So let's our journey begins! no visa or passport checks, the departure hall makes you feel a citizen of the world:
London, Prague, Berlin, Shanghai, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, New York, Geneva, Vilnius, Paris, Amsterdam are now so close at hand!
It seems as if you will now hear: Attention, dear passengers, in a minute’s time yet another TBWA jet airliner bound for ... is taking off ...
In collaboration with Tomas Stauskas
Photos: Raimundas Urbakavicius