The objective of this project is viewed not just as formation of a cosy working environment befitting the spirit of a new and creative company, but also as turning a routine office into an idea-generation ground. The centrally positioned black cube represents the core of the company’s intelligence. The walls are meant for writing notes and fixing fantasies, while the space behind the walls is occupied by the directors. The green cube is the meeting space. This thought-provoking elegant pergola is meant to stimulate communication of the company staff and customers. The third volume houses the library and the exposition. This colourful mix of books and objects, aesthetical and functional, prevents objects from spreading all around the office. The space in between the volumes is given to workplaces and a special place where a light-hearted talk may grow into a real love.
Project was nominated at Best Office Awards 2012 in Russia as best foreign interior design project.
Photos: Robertas Nartkus (1-2), Dmitrij Kudin (3-4)